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Wrongful Death Attorney In Greensboro

A wrongful death claim can arise after situations in which a victim who would otherwise have a valid personal injury claim is killed as a result of the defendant’s illegal action. This can be the result of negligence or as a result of some intentional effort. This is a reason to sue someone, and it’s essential to go to an experienced firm like ER Law. 


When a Wrongful Death Applies

Wrongful deaths can occur in various situations like:

The victim is intentionally killed: 

For example, when someone is responsible for the deaths of an individual, and the individual’s family sue that person separated from the state’s criminal case. 

The victim dies as a result of medical malpractice:

For example, when a doctor doesn’t have the level of care required or fails to diagnose a condition, and the patient dies because of that, this can be considered as a wrongful death action.

The victim dies in a car accident involving negligence: 

When the victim dies as a result of car accident injuries. 

Any personal injury situation that can lead to the death of the individual is treated as wrongful death, except for work injuries, which usually must be handled exclusively through the worker’s compensation system. 

To prove a wrongful death claim, the plaintiff has to meet the same burden of proof that the victim would have had alive. So in the case of negligence, the plaintiff has to prove that the defendant owed the victim a duty of care, and he breached it, leading to a direct and proximate cause of the death. 

This whole process can be a bit exhausting, but with the right help, you can go through it more easily. At ER Law, we have handled a lot of cases related to wrongful death. If you’re in Greensboro and you are in a wrongful death case, we can help you.