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Human beings make mistakes. When you suffer injury or loss due to someone’s mistake, you may have a legal claim to recover compensation from that individual. Contact us if you would like to know if you have a legal claim for an incident that caused you harm or loss.

Auto Accidents

The speed and size of vehicles that travel on roads and highways means that a split-second mistake while driving can have tragic results. We have represented car wreck victims all across the state of North Carolina. Sometimes these cases require quick action to preserve evidence or obtain investigative review. Time can make it harder to succeed with some claims, so call us today for a no-cost evaluation of your case. I am confident that the insurance company is not waiting to start their investigation to defeat your claim.

Workplace Accidents

Many places of employment are fraught with hazards that cause injury. Even the safest of employers can make a mistake. Injuries suffered on the job lead to workers’ compensation cases. And sometimes, injured employees can have a second case for that same workplace injury when someone other than their employer causes injury. Pursuing this second case is often critical for injured workers because workers’ compensation typically has limited benefits. We have pursued these cases with success all across the state of North Carolina. Call us today to discuss the possibility of pursuing 2 claims for the same workplace incident.

Premises Liability

Hidden defects on property can come in many forms: black ice, deteriorated flooring, clear liquid, uneven walkways, falling objects, etc. The failure of a premises owner to keep their premises free of hidden defects creates liability. When these hidden defects cause trips or falls, people can get hurt. North Carolina has a complicated set of rules to determine if such an incident can give rise to a legal claim for compensation. Call us for a no-cost consultation to determine if your injury resulted from the negligence of a property owner.

Wrongful Death

Negligence cases like the ones we describe on this website can cause catastrophic injuries and death. When your loved one dies in a car wreck, fall, or construction incident, for example, the laws of North Carolina limit the time you have to pursue your case on behalf of the estate of the deceased. In addition, there are specific laws about what the estate can recover. We have pursued numerous wrongful death cases in North Carolina and have the experience to assist you with such a case on behalf of your loved one.

Medical providers, like others, make mistakes. Although they may not intend to do so, these mistakes can have serious and grave results for the victims. This means not only physical suffering but also serious financial strain in the future. And to make matters worse, North Carolina laws strongly favor medical providers over injured victims. Call us if you want an honest evaluation of your possible medical malpractice claim. The following is a list of examples of cases we review:

Misdiagnosis / Failure or Delay to Diagnose

A medical mistake can include the failure to correctly identify your medical issue in a timely manner. And sometimes, this type of failure results in serious or deadly effects. Contact us if you believe you suffered harm because your medical provider failed to properly diagnose or delayed in your diagnosis.

Surgical Errors

Surgical errors can cause long term suffering and loss. Despite detailed rules and guidelines, mistakes occur. When they do, you will need experts to review the case and provide an opinion or opinions about what went wrong. Not every mistake is malpractice. Contact us to find out if your surgical error might constitute malpractice under North Carolina law.

Birth Injury

Child birth is a complicated process. It starts with prenatal care and continues to delivery and beyond. Mistakes can occur anywhere along this process. Birthing injuries can occur to both the mother and the child. These injuries can have long lasting effects. ER Law will evaluate your case and guide you through pursuing a child birth malpractice case.

Defective Medical Devices and Drugs

Manufacturers of harmful medical devices or prescription drugs can be held accountable for their mistakes. These mistakes may be a device’s failure to do what it was designed to do, the misuse of the product or the failure to warn of side effects. These cases are often consolidated in one Federal Court nationwide. Contact us today to know your rights about pursuing manufacturers of harmful drugs and devices.

Families entrust nursing homes, assisted living and rehabilitation facilities with the care of their loved ones. These facilities should not harm our loved ones of make our loved ones worse off. Because these facilities are under pressure to make profit for their corporate entities, they can neglect, exploit and fail to care for their residents. Some examples include:

Neglect of Basic Needs

If your loved one is malnourished, dehydrated or suffers injury from repeated falls, the facility is likely failing to do its job. Similarly, living in an unsafe or unsanitary environment is unacceptable. Call us today if your loved one suffered one of these or another condition in a facility that should have provided basic human needs.

Medical and Personal Hygiene Neglect

Our elderly are vulnerable to things that are unimaginable to us. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are supposed to provide medical care and hygiene to our loved ones. When these facilities fail to provide medical and hygiene care properly, our loved ones can be harmed. These failures can lead to medical issues such as infections or bedsores. Call us if your loved one contracted infections, suffered bed sores or suffered other hygiene concerns at their facility.