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Workplace Injury Attorney In Greensboro

Workplace injuries occur often, whether accidentally or due to negligence. Any type of injury caused by the company is the company’s responsibility and they have to compensate the employee. Sometimes, the company doesn’t want to take care of the case. You have the right to be covered if something happens you to within your workplace, and ER Law wants to help with your workplace injury case.


Types of Injuries Covered by Companies

There are some types of injuries that companies cover and others that they don’t. The types of injuries that companies cover are those which can be connected in some way to an employment requirement or condition. For example, lung cancer resulting from second-hand smoke at a restaurant that permits smoking, or a sprained ankle after falling from a telephone pole. 

Also, workplace injuries count if they occurred outside the company but in a work-related space where the employee was doing something connected to their job. This includes company parties and other social events sponsored by the employer. For example, a company-sponsored party at a bar would be considered a work-related activity, so if anything happens you could be covered. But if you and your boss decide to go to another place for drinks, it couldn’t be considered “work-related.”

If an injury occurs during lunch break within the company cafeteria or other space connected to the course of employment (for example, lunch with a client at a restaurant), it is considered work-related. Also, an injury that involves alcohol may be considered work-related if the alcohol was provided at a work-sponsored event. 

On the other hand, certain types of workers may not be covered by their employers, depending on the state. Some of them are domestic workers, seasonal workers, undocumented workers, and agricultural workers.

If you’re in Greensboro and you suffered any kind of injury and your company is not taking the responsibility to cover your case when they’re supposed to do it, contact us and we’ll help you. ER Law lawyers will give you the guidance you need.