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Premises Liability Lawyer in The Triad

A personal injury case can be tricky to navigate. At ER Law, we focus on getting our clients the advice and guidance they need to handle their personal injury case.

The negligence of individuals makes up most premises liability cases. A premises liability lawyer handles cases where someone was injured on someone else’s property and can help you understand and navigate each step.

What is a Premises Liability Case?

What happens most commonly in these types of cases is the property owner, manager, or lesser did not take the right safety measures on the property, which then leads to a visitor or customer getting injured.

However, if an individual ends up getting hurt in someone else’s property, it does not always mean there was negligence. For negligence to be proved, it needs to be shown the property owner knew about the unsafeness of his/her property and failed to take the necessary care to fix it.

Under premises liability, the owner, operator, or anyone that is in charge of the property where the negligence was made can be proved responsible for them if:

  • The company knew or should have known about the issue.
  • They knew about the defect and did not repair it or warn individuals.

Filing for negligence in a premises liability case can provide the person injured with compensation for losses that worker’s compensation does not cover.

Types of Premises Liabilities Cases

  • Construction site accident
  • Slip and fall accident
  • Fire-related accidents
  • Dog bite accident
  • Flooding accidents
  • Unprepared building security

There are many more cases based on negligence. If you have been affected by other types of premises liabilities cases, ER Law will be there to assess your case and give you guidance.

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