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Personal Injury Lawyer in Greensboro

Injuries can happen any day and at any time. Be prepared for any result with the help of ER Law’s professional lawyers. 

Personal injuries happen more often than you would think. Sadly, some of these injuries can create bigger damage and even hurt families and loved ones of the victim. Many injuries can happen on your day-to-day and they can completely change your life. Injuries can range from auto accidents, trip and fall accidents, dog bite accidents, and more. 

Any kind of accident can lead to personal injury. The best way to protect yourself is to hire a reliable personal injury lawyer. Lawyers can help you and your loved ones get the tranquility and justice you need. Also, compensation can be reached when using the right strategy. Our professional attorney, Eric Richardson, is ready to learn more about your case and how to help you.


What Makes Us Different

At ER Law, we care about our clients so much that we go the extra mile for them. We understand how stressed or scared you might be feeling in this situation, which is why we want to act quickly. By using a different strategy with all our clients, we have established that every client has different needs. Therefore, we cannot pursue the same strategy for all our clients.

The wrongful conduct that someone else has, can damage the life of an innocent. If you have been involved in a car crash, medical malpractice, or any kind of assault, you need to hire our experienced attorneys to get the best outcome for your case. 

We want to learn more about your case so we can give you the compensation you and your family deserve. 

Get Personalized Assistance

Our main attorney, Eric Richardson, does not work with a cookie-cutter strategy. We give you personalized assistance in the whole process so the results can exceed your expectations.

Tell us more about your case and let’s start working together.