Divorce Lawyer in Greensboro

Going through a divorce is a complicated process. Not only is it mentally and emotionally draining, but a lot has to happen before the process is finalized. At ER Law in Greensboro, our divorce lawyers are committed to helping you undergo this strenuous process efficiently. We guide you through this process and answer any questions you have.


Filing For Absolute Divorce

After being separated for a while, either spouse can file paperwork with the court system for absolute divorce. This type of divorce ends the marriage altogether.

When there is absolute divorce, neither party can inherit property from each other; instead, anything they own jointly becomes property held in common or is split 50-50. Contact our divorce lawyers in Greensboro to discuss the process and understand the implications divorce has on other legal rights.

Divorce Case Result at ER Law

“ER Law successfully resolved two cases for husbands whereby each ended up paying less monthly support to former wives than they had been paying voluntarily before being sued by their ex-wives.”


Already Divorced? We Can Help

If you recently went through a divorce and need help with post-separation support or property separation, our divorce lawyers at ER Law can help you. This process does not have to be confusing; we will guide you through every step.

Why Choose Us

We prioritize our clients at ER Law; we do not adopt a simple cookie-cutter approach but tailor a unique response for your unique case. We have been serving people in Greensboro for years successfully.

At ER Law, we understand that when we receive your calls, we are dealing with delicate matters that have lasting life consequences. We will provide structured plans that will meet your specific needs and communicate with you often.