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Make sure your kids’ and your personal interests are protected and met.

It is understandable that when it comes to internal family-related issues that need a legal process, things get sensitive and complicated. It is not ideal getting to the point in which child custody or child support dispute is necessary, but we understand that sometimes the situation is unavoidable.

If you live in High Point, NC, or surrounding areas, and are currently facing this type of situation, know that you don’t have to do it alone, nor go through it alone. At Eric Richardson Law (ER Law), we put our clients first. We understand that the reason you contact our office often has significant life-impacting consequences and we are here as allies to help you find the best solution.


Different Paths to Achieve the Results You Desire

When it comes to legal disputes, there is rarely one way or path to go, nor one solution for any given situation, for it involves many variables. There can be different paths to achieve the results you desire.

Under those circumstances, knowing this can become stressful or make us fearful about the outcomes, which is why at ER Law, our first step is to listen. Once we understand your unique legal issue, we will prepare an individual and unique response tailored to you.

Our well-reasoned approach and trial experience remove the fear of the unknown and replace it with guidance and answers to your questions.

Child Support and Child Custody Cases Experts

Since ER Law was founded, we have helped many people with their particular cases, especially in cases related to child custody and child support.

For example, we successfully litigated a child custody case to obtain sole custody for a mother of two minor girls where there were allegations of wrongdoing by the father. Also, we successfully litigated a child custody case to verdict for a father seeking 50-50 custody of his son where the mother would not agree to an equal time-sharing arrangement.

ER Law is here to listen and understand you, guide you through the right path, and get you the desired results. Choose us if you want to be heard and if you want a law firm that will structure a plan that addresses your needs.