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We strive to educate our clients about the family court process in North Carolina and guide them through it.

If you ever experience the difficult and emotionally challenging times that confront families who face divorce-related legal cases, our well-reasoned approach and trial experience remove the fear of the unknown and replace it with guidance and answers to your questions.

At Eric Richardson Law (ER Law), we put our clients first. Our first step is to listen. Once we understand your unique legal issue, we will prepare an individual and unique response tailored to you.

ER Law is your ally in legal cases of child custody and child support in Winston-Salem, NC.


North Carolina’s Family Law Experts

It is essential to be aware that each state has its own set of laws regarding family-related cases, such as child custody and child support. North Carolina is no exception. Teaming up with a group of experts in North Carolina’s family law is a crucial advantage to help you understand state laws and processes.

North Carolina has a formula for determining child support. Understanding how the court system implements these laws is critical in paying or receiving the proper amount of child support in North Carolina. For this reason, the ER Law team of experts is more than willing to help you navigate and guide you through the legal process that child custody and child support cases entail.

Furthermore, North Carolina child custody laws and courts typically prefer that co-parents settle their child custody agreement outside of the courtroom. Only a small number of child custody disputes in Winston-Salem are decided in the courtroom.

At this point, we will make sure to cover all the aspects related to your particular case and resolve the situation between both parties involved. We will be by your side at every moment to ensure you are supported.

We Care, We Will Listen, And We Will Fight For Your Rights

When something as important as your child’s well-being comes into the picture, it is essential to have the right professional allies at your side.

Choose us if you want to be heard and if you want a law firm that will structure a plan that addresses your needs.