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Make sure your kids and your personal interests are protected and met.

If you ever experience the difficult and emotionally challenging times that confront families who face divorce-related legal cases, our well-reasoned approach and trial experience remove the fear of the unknown and replace it with guidance and answers to your questions.

At Eric ER Law Trial Lawyers (ER Law), we put our clients first. Our first step is to listen. Once we understand your unique legal issue, we will prepare an individual and unique response tailored to you.

ER Law is your ally in legal cases of child custody and child support in Kernersville, NC.

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Which Factors Impact Custody Battles?

It is essential to know and be aware that each state has its own set of laws regarding family-related cases, such as child custody and child support. North Carolina is no exception. Also, it is crucial to consider that each case is particular and could be affected by various factors, such as:

Whether It Goes to Trial

Not all custody cases need to go to trial. If you and the other party can work together with lawyers to make an agreement, then you don’t need to go to court.


There are different law details for child custody, depending on the state you are located in.

Your Lawyer

Hiring an experienced attorney that is knowledgeable in these laws is crucial, as well as aware that each case is different and particular.

Specifics of Your Case

Finally, the details of your case matter. If there is any reason for a judge to think that one parent is unfit, then the custody case could end sooner than you think.

There are no formulas or blueprints for the right custody arrangement. A careful understanding of each parent’s schedule, circumstances, involvement, and desires are critical in advocating for our client’s role in raising their children.

Hear It from Our Clients

We are happy to have helped many people in Kernersville get their desired results in their child custody or child support cases. Learn what they have to say about us:

“Consistently exhibits great skill and knowledge with a friendly, direct approach that is refreshing. He and his staff helped me through a difficult time during my separation and subsequent divorce. I strongly recommend him to others that may face this emotionally challenging situation. I was more than happy with the final agreement.” – T.

“Represented me better than I could ever imagine. He is a thoughtful, caring, and knowledgeable attorney. He was always prompt to get in touch with me, and he always valued my opinions and reassured my doubts. He fought hard for me, resulting in a great outcome. I have recommended Eric to a number of people, and all of them have been very satisfied with his representation. I will continue to recommend Eric because he is a great attorney.” – L.

“Helped me through a very difficult divorce and was very thorough. He made sure my kids and my interests were protected and kept it out of court. He got the result I needed to maintain my needs and continue to support my 3 daughters. He is patient, fair, tough, and well respected in the legal community. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody going through a divorce.” – J.

We Care, We Will Listen, and We Will Fight for Your Rights

When something as important as your child’s well-being comes into the picture, it is essential to have the right professional allies at your side.

Choose us if you want to be heard and if you want a law firm that will structure a plan that addresses your needs.

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Ask a Question, Describe Your Situation, Request a Consultation. Call Us: (336) 904-9000

Ask a Question, Describe Your Situation, Request a Consultation. Call Us: (336) 904-9000

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Ask a Question, Describe Your Situation, Request a Consultation. Call Us: (336) 904-9000

Ask a Question, Describe Your Situation, Request a Consultation. Call Us: (336) 904-9000