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Certified Attorney in Child Custody & Support in Greensboro, NC

When something as important as your child’s well-being comes into the picture, it is essential to have the right professional allies at your side.

It is understandable that when it comes to internal family-related issues that need a legal process, things get sensitive and complicated. It is not ideal to get to the point in which child custody or child support dispute is necessary, but we understand that sometimes the situation is unavoidable.

If you ever experience a situation like this, contact Eric Richardson Law (ER Law). We will make sure your kids and your interests are protected, and we will guide you through the process.


How to Choose the Right Attorney to Handle your Case

There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right attorney as your ally to help you litigate your child support or child custody case.

We recommend to contemplate the following aspects when making the decision:

Client Approach

When you are facing a situation in which a legal process to decide about your child’s custody is necessary, it is essential to have an attorney that understands how stressful and sensitive this situation might be for you, and that will take the time to listen to you and genuinely care for your family.

State Law Knowledge

It is essential to know and be aware that each state has its own set of laws regarding family-related cases, such as child custody and child support. North Carolina is no exception. Teaming up with a group of experts in family laws in Greensboro is a crucial advantage to help you get the best results for your case.

Awards & Affiliations

Awards and certifications are important for it is a way in which you can make sure how professional and recognized the attorney is. At ER Law we have earned the following:

  • Multi-million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • Advocated for Justice
  • Greensboro Bar Association
  • North Carolina Bar Association
  • North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal
  • American Association for Justice
  • Association of 2019 Top 100 American Trial Lawyers

ER Law is here to listen and understand you and guide you through the right path. Choose us if you want to be heard and if you want a law firm that will structure a plan that addresses your needs.