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Auto accidents can have fatal consequences, and the crash is just the beginning of what can become a complicated and prolonged process. Filing claims and talking to insurance companies is just the start; determining fault and compensation are also part of this process. ER Law, a respected and experienced law firm in Greensboro, can help you deal with your auto accident.

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Our auto accident lawyer in Greensboro has represented clients all across North Carolina, seeking justice and fair compensation for them. Many times, auto accident cases require quick action to conserve and analyze evidence and obtain an investigative review.

Time can complicate the progress and success of some claims. Our experienced auto accident lawyer can provide a no-cost evaluation of your case, so that you can develop a plan for your case and be prepared. Insurance companies do not wait to start their investigation to defeat your claims; because of this, you must contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

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Eric a. Richardson, Auto Accident Lawyer

Eric Richardson, the owner of ER Law, has been licensed for 23 years and has gained ample experience handling a wide variety of cases. Mr. Richardson used to focus on representing business interests and other entities. He now focuses his practice on the representation of people that need help handling civil litigation.

Mr. Richardson has represented people that have been injured or that suffered losses from auto accidents for 19 years. He served as a CLE co-chair for the auto torts section of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. Mr. Richardson is certified to practice in the western, middle, and eastern districts of North Carolina’s Federal Courts as well as the United States Supreme Court.

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“Mr. Richardson was outstanding in handling my legal issues. In a short period, he had a plan of action and kept me informed about his progress. By the time he finished my case, Eric and I were more like friends than just a client/lawyer standoff relationship. There is nothing better than a lawyer that cares for you like a friend.” – John H

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Ask a Question, Describe Your Situation, Request a Consultation. Call Us: (336) 904-9000

Ask a Question, Describe Your Situation, Request a Consultation. Call Us: (336) 904-9000

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Eric Richardson | Attorney & Founder | ER Law: Trial Lawyers

Eric Richardson

Attorney & Founder
Amanda Edwards | ER Law: Trial Lawyers | Greensboro, NC

Amanda Edwards

Associate Attorney
Tania Cerna | Criminal & Family Law Attorney | Greensboro, NC

Tania Cerna


Ask a Question, Describe Your Situation, Request a Consultation. Call Us: (336) 904-9000

Ask a Question, Describe Your Situation, Request a Consultation. Call Us: (336) 904-9000

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