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Premises Liability Lawyer in Winston-Salem

Someone’s negligence can cause so much damage to other people’s lives. Negligence cases happen so often due to someone not being careful enough to provide the right conditions to others.

The negligence of individuals makes up most premises liability cases. When you have the right premises liability lawyer to help you with your case, you can better navigate these cases.

If you were injured or your loved ones have suffered from injustice made by another individual not using the right conditions, our lawyers in ER Law can help you with your case.

Premises Liability experts

When you suffer injury or loss due to someone’s error, you may have a legal claim to recover compensation from that individual. Contact us if you would like to know if you have a legal claim for an incident that caused you harm or loss.

Hidden defects on a property can come in many forms: black ice, deteriorated flooring, clear liquid, uneven walkways, falling objects, etc. The failure of a premises owner to keep their premises free of hidden defects creates liability. When these hidden defects cause trips or falls, people can get hurt. North Carolina has a complicated set of rules to determine if such an incident can give rise to a legal claim for compensation.

Types of Premises Liabilities Cases

  • Construction site accident
  • Slip and fall accident
  • Fire-related accidents
  • Dog bite accident
  • Flooding accidents
  • Unprepared building security

There are many more cases based on negligence. If you have been affected by other types of premises liabilities cases, ER-Law will be there to assess your case and help you.

Call us for a no-cost consultation to determine if your injury resulted from the negligence of a property owner.